Q: Why are your correlations different from website X?
A: This is likely due to several distinguishing factors on this site:
  • the price data are obtained from a single exchange (for consistency)
  • the price data are volume-weighted average prices (VWAP). Since cryptocurrencies trade 24-hours a day, VWAP is more representative of the “daily” price
  • the correlations are computed on the log-returns, not on the prices themselves
  • log-returns are used instead of arithmetic returns
Q: A news website is showing correlations for the same time period but with different values. Why are the values different?
A: The correlations on this site are computed from daily prices. Using weekly or monthly prices will result in (possibly very) different values.

Q: Can you add cryptocurrency Y?
A: If there is sufficient interest for a cryptocurrency, I can include it in the site provided that:
  • the cryptocurrency trades on the Poloniex exchange
  • the cryptocurrency has traded for at least 90 days (and 180 days for additional analysis)
Q: Who runs this site?
A: See the About page

Q: What is the base currency for the volatilities?
A: USD, i.e. the volatilities are calculated for the currency pairs cyrpto/usd.

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